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Discover Trance Radio on your website

If you run a website and then you might like to know that you can now play Discover Trance Radio through it.

Copy the code below and paste it into your page.

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  • No avatar soldat499 27/12/2012 08:11:19


  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 04/12/2011 21:54:54

@LeTourDeTrance we have updated our player now so it supports both html5 and flash. If you want anything customised.. let me know (

  • No avatar LeTourDeTrance 03/03/2011 00:17:04

I preferred it when it auto-started, because it's draws people into the site ... and if people are put off by it then they obviously wont enjoy my website :P ... Is there any way of setting the current player up so that it will autostart?

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 20/09/2010 20:36:08

This option is available in the swf code, maybe our example is bad.

  • No avatar Sty@CC 20/09/2010 20:13:33

you would need a rather large PLAY button (GIF) if it doesn't come on automatically

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 20/09/2010 19:09:25

we will get that sorted dan, thanks for the suggestion :-)

  • No avatar danielvondavis 20/09/2010 18:07:40

Nice thank you, just as a feedback, could be nice if player doesn't autostart, sometimes visitors on websites don't like to be surprised. They prefer to start player ;)

  • No avatar Ilgaz 18/09/2010 01:24:44

awesome !!!

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 08/09/2010 01:35:41

Hope this helps :-)

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