Born and raised in Romania, she decided one day to explore the World and moved to London UK for 5 years after which she ventured across the pond to Canada, which she has been calling “home” for over a decade now.

T4E always had a taste for electronic music and enjoyed listening to Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, New Order, Jean Michel Jarre, just to name a few, until I discovered Trance around 1999 when i first heard Chicane - Saltwater. The emergence of internet radio made it easier to reach out to the world of EDM, and the quest for the best sounds started and developing a personal taste has continually developed throughout the years ever since.

She has open-mindedly listened to all genres of EDM and has come to embrace Psy, Trance, Progressive and Hard Trance, more than the other genres.
Enjoyed it ever since and always wondered how DJ's get a set together, until one day when she decided to give it a try for herself.

Her “idols” and great source of inspiration are, in no particular order of preference, Markus Schulz, Astral Projection, Orkidea, Nick Warren, John '00' Fleming, Laurent Garnier, Matt Darey, Martin Roth  Manuel LeSaux, Sean Tyas, just to name a few.

EDM has become such a great passion for T4E that she dedicates many hours listening, as well as trying to improve her skills.
All started with a few guest mixes on Afterhours.FM and now T4E hosts her own show called Lost and Found.

She had guest mixes on other Internet Radio stations, including the Summer Solstice Event on the Goa/Psy channel on DI.FM 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my ever so patient mentor for spending endless hours helping me improve my skills. Thank you for everything, you are the best! 

Eclectic Sessions

The show will live up to its name and promises to provide the latest in Trance, Progressive, Psy or Hard Trance, depending on the listener’s feedback.

The aim is to bring forth unique tracks by new and talented producers, as well as established producers. The intention is to create a set each month that will stick out above the rest and be remembered for its uniqueness, also from time to time I will bring in a special guest mix, maybe a well know DJ or perhaps a talented new comer.

Overall I hope the show will leave the listeners with the feeling of “a breath of fresh air”

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  • No avatar Guido 21/07/2014 20:46:46

Amazing tune today... Thanks a lot :-D

  • No avatar Kandi-Kitty 25/02/2013 02:58:16

I absolutely love your sets! Thank you!

  • No avatar Guido 10/12/2012 21:01:40

many thanks for todays set, really good choice. :-D

  • No avatar halfonit 12/03/2012 01:24:23


  • No avatar Mardouk 31/07/2010 00:58:44

Hi t4e ^^ hope i could catch the next one ! d(^_^)b

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 18/02/2010 02:56:52

Awesome t4e :-)

  • No avatar mafkees 17/02/2010 23:46:10

Thanks T4e for for such an amazing set!! It was awesome!! xx umartjuh aka mafkees

  • No avatar Javs 15/07/2009 23:33:31

Awesome tunes ...... real an amazing show :)

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 27/05/2009 12:40:24

Welcome to Discover Trance Radio :-)

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