From the youngest years Thrilitron has interested in music but nothing pointed at the fact, that he will devote it most of his time and energy in the future.

When he was a child, door to the world of music opened him such groups like: Koto, Laser Dance or Jean Michel Jarre.

He spent a lot of hours listening to the foreing DJ auditions in times, when only few in Poland knew trance music. In the hundreads of listened sets he payed a particular attention to Paul van Dyk, when Paul was at the beginning of his international career. German DJ delighted Thrilitron with his abilities and technique and till present day he is Thril's musical authority.

Thrilitron appeared at leading radio stations on a few radio events. Once a month it is possible to hear his author's broadcast "Trancesonic Session" in which he presents mainly uplifting and progressive trance, reaching sometimes for tracks in the hard trance style. From September 2009 he's produced his show with Andy D.

It's come in this way to the 2013 and finally, after couple discussions with Andy, they decided to turn the project into one name. That's how "Antlia" came into life. Trancesonic Session become a podcast too, besides of radio show.

From January 2014 Thrilitron realising new radio show and podcast series, called "Constellation". This show is broadcasting on fantastic radio

Thrilitron is a determined opponent of the DJ computerization, regarding his traditional form as the real quality. Equipment: Pioneer CDJ 850 / Pioneer DJM 850 / Sennheiser HD 26 Pro.



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