Kirill Sokhin, known as NextBeats, was born in 1987 in Kaluga. The love for quality music instilled by parents, as a child in the house always there was music. When Kirill was 6 years old he began attending music school class of accordion. 
The fact that Kirill will succeed in the musical field, it became clear almost immediately: since the childhood liked to sing, preferring the classics for her clean, timeless musical distortion sound. According to Kirill, the creative name he has chosen not by chance: «NextBeats» is the movement of life the movement of energy, which is capturing people, makes their inner world better. 
With 18 years Kirill begins to engage in sound, with an emphasis on sound engineering, as it believes that a sound in any musical work should be clean. Mastering the basics of arranging and mastering of sound. Knows every detail of the sound of musical instruments, and trying to impose them on classical music.

In 2015, Kirill hears the album for the first time Tiesto «Elements Of Life», which impresses with its harmony. A young musician trying to understand a new genre for him and to apply their knowledge in Trance.

Later Kirill hears two works: Paul Van Dyk and HR Orchestra, knowing that the real trance can be performed on classical instruments, without any impurities (though it is electronic music), and, a second job, which shows the net vocals: Above & Beyond Acoustic (Porchester Hall (Official)). 
Realizing that Russia, like the CIS countries live pop music, Kirill begins to try to bring trance to the masses. For this he combines the works of all the beauty of trance, adding his high-quality format (up to 2007) trance works.

The musician does not accept in his works that there is in other genres: profanity, advocacy of violence, cruelty, the imposition of pretentious faith. 
Music should be understandable to your heart, soul, listening to music, need to see her, surrender to her, to see the image that it paints in your mind, feel with every cell of his body. 



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