At the age of 14 Walter Lootens aka Locus got into EDM after a friend gave him some tracks made in FL studio.
It was at that time he discovered his love for electronic music and when he started to listen to tunes like "Sunset in Ibiza" & "Serenity" that he grew a passion for trance. At the age of 16 he started saving up for a decent studio and in the process switched to Logic pro production wise. At the same time he was slowly putting together a DJ setup to mix together the tunes he fell in love with. After buying 2 turntables he started practicing in his bedroom studio and in 2011 he eventually started a weekly radioshow on TFB-Radio.

A year later he got his first official release signed with Silent Shore Recordings and got the chance to air his show on Discover Trance Radio. With things looking bright for this young artists, we can only wait and see what the future will bring.

Enchanted Sessions

A great new weekly show for all lovers of uplifting trance music

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  • 28/04/2024 @ 19:00 GMT
    Locus - Enchanted Sessions (Next Show)
  • 05/05/2024 @ 19:00 GMT
    Locus - Enchanted Sessions
  • 12/05/2024 @ 19:00 GMT
    Locus - Enchanted Sessions
  • 19/05/2024 @ 19:00 GMT
    Locus - Enchanted Sessions




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  • No avatar SENCER 19/10/2013 22:55:27

A great remixes of remixes of your way if you'd be without you I would love for this track Contact: e.beratsencer @ parts: Rise of the planet of the apes Off You Go

  • No avatar Above the Clouds 03/09/2012 19:53:52

Welcome to the club mate :D

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