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DJ Robbyn is a female DJ, podcast & radio host, trance artist and multi genre music producer from West Yorkshire, England. She began her journey in electronic music 17 years ago when she began writing EDM and trance music. Now a graduate from a BA and MA in music technology and music production, she has gained the skills to take her productions to the international stage. With a Beatport top 100 track, a top 10 Juno chart track and two number 1 bestselling singles on the Juno Trance chart, she is flying high. The host of the popular Trance Essences podcast and radio show, her mixes are available on iTunes podcasts, Spotify podcasts, podbean, whooshkaa and mixcloud. Now working on a live trance and EDM project that has seen her team up with UK top 40 artist and successful writer and singer Kevin Kitchen. The duo quirkily named Krumplzone intends to take EDM and trance music to live venues and festivals for a truly immersive trance and EDM performance with a focus on a real live entertainment experience. Both are talented multi-instrumentalists and have the skills required to take their act to the live stages. With fans lining up in The Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Sweden and even Japan, India and China, DJ Robbyn intends to make a success of her music in her home country as well. Watch out for this serious upcoming artist and production duo, plus DJ Robbyn’s solo exploits. She is on course for international success.

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