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DJ Female@Work 

Born in 1964, Female@Work came at the age of 44 comparably late to DJing.

Having been a Trance Music addict for a long time, she met Exxetter, a Trance DJ nd Producer, in 2007 and with his encouragement she started playing Trance herself.

Starting up with the Name DJ Granny, she gained within not a year more experience than my long-year DJs by playing almost every night for up to 14 hours live on a Trance Radio Station and can now present herself as a DJ with own style and personality.

In the process of finding her own style as a DJ, she changed her name in mid 2009 to DJ Female@Work.


This show part of the Saturday night live line up, live and off the hook. Make sure you tune in.

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  • 22/06/2024 @ 22:00 GMT
    DJ Female@Work - TranceSensuals (Next Show)
  • 29/06/2024 @ 22:00 GMT
    DJ Female@Work - TranceSensuals
  • 06/07/2024 @ 22:00 GMT
    DJ Female@Work - TranceSensuals
  • 13/07/2024 @ 22:00 GMT
    DJ Female@Work - TranceSensuals




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  • No avatar Rho-Ha 19/06/2021 22:14:27

Trance Music is one of my favourite music style! Can u play "I Love You" for me?

  • No avatar DJ Female@Work 03/10/2015 03:04:27

Thank you so much for all the nice comments! Love U :)

  • No avatar M1receptor 31/01/2015 22:40:45

Listen to you the first time, I like it very much, great style, thanks for the show!

  • No avatar Dreas 19/11/2011 13:02:56

I can`t hear you to knight sorry wish a good show toi toi toi greed's Dreas

  • No avatar DJ Female@Work 11/11/2011 18:31:09

Thank youuu, Tran_cerotis :) if you like "more", listen here: (i cannot upload mixes here )

  • No avatar Tran_cerotis 22/10/2011 19:50:51

Been Listening to a couple of your Shows before. They`re Amazing ;-)

  • No avatar Ice Demon 05/10/2011 16:28:12

Looking forward to this weeks mix ;) you can certainly spin the mix and the heads of your fans :D Don't hold back the tuna's and give me 1964 bpm's :D :P

  • No avatar Web_n_Sal 16/01/2010 01:56:38

Totally love your show, been listening since you started wish your time slot was longer keep the awesome choons coming

  • No avatar DJ Female@Work 09/11/2009 16:10:17

Lol, Javs - very true, 1964 was a good year ;-)))) Good for wine and good for DJs ;-)

  • No avatar Javs 09/11/2009 07:06:11

Welcome Biggi, glad to see someone oelse of the great year 1964 :P

  • No avatar DJ Female@Work 08/11/2009 01:17:29

Hello Rene, thanks for your nice comment - and im sure we gonna meet in the chat as i will be on air every saturday starting 10 pm gmt from now on with my show "trancesensuals" thanks again and take care, biggi

  • No avatar Rene Estrada 28/10/2009 02:19:25

congrats to her courage for taking the bull by the horn sort of speak,and hope to catch some of her shows on the radio.Best wishes from Nicaragua.

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 25/10/2009 23:57:47

Welcome to Discover Trance Radio

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