Cyber Sun - Planetary Sessions


Cyber Sun 

Cyber Sun is a Trance DJ and Producer from England, UK. Starting at the age of 13 after hearing Trance for the first time on Judge Jules Radio 1 Show he started to learn to DJ Trance music and then in 2005 started to learn how to produce Trance music and has now been signed to multiple labels. Now Cyber Sun is here with Planetary Sessions on Discover Trance Radio playing his current upcoming favourites and the past classics.

Planetary Sessions


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  • 18/12/2022 @ 18:00 GMT
    Cyber Sun - Planetary Sessions (Next Show)
  • 15/01/2023 @ 18:00 GMT
    Cyber Sun - Planetary Sessions
  • 19/02/2023 @ 18:00 GMT
    Cyber Sun - Planetary Sessions




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