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Bryan Summerville 

Born in the Summer in 1983, and grow up in Eastern Germany he got early a Passion for Music.In the beginning he liked a lot of the Classics back from the 80..s _ then his flavor changed.At the beginning of his DJing he was into House music with all the different Styles.

But some years later this sound became boring and he got back to his old Love ..Trance...And this is where he..s still at.
Some Years before he also started Producing.First more Techy and Relaxing Traxx but now he..s into producing Trancy stuff!
And he´s still producing Trance.It became a true Passion.And in this Fact he got the Idea to start an own Label.In 2010 he´s Baby saw the Light with his 1st Release including a dark and catchy Remix by himself.Now more then 1 Year later D.MAX already reached Release Number 30 and started a Sub-label called D.MAX Deep for the progressive Trance Tracks.

Any very nice Releases are already scheduled for both Imprints - so take a look on the Label.
Bryan is also very productive these Days.Producing under his two Aliases Ocean Boulevard and of course, Bryan Summerville.Been productive for Remixes for Labels such as D.MAX,Tetsuo,Nu Communicate and Defcon u can expect a lot of Output this and in the next Year.Stay focused.

D.MAX Recordings - Inside the Source


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