BMA was born on 21st, October 2015. Under the hand of two masterminds, as a Management Agency and Promotion directed and focused to promote and grow to various DJ/Producers and Partners within the mexican Trance scene. In order to promote talent that México has to export to the world.

Soon BOXmedia Agency manages to position as a big collective between the taste of the followers of Trance in México, and is gradually becoming a strong brand to resonate anywhere in the world.

Thus it was born the idea of create "BMA Radio", a show full of Uplifting and some TechTrance. But mostly will take the Uplifting to unimaginable levels of your mind.

Henrik & Dabb are the responsible for putting their hearts to each episode to you enjoy it. Also they are pleased to introduce you to many guest mixes, from Mexico and worldwide.


BMA Radio


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