As an Uplifting Mood Mogul, AstroBear loves the harmonicexpertise that has made him a practising technical wizard.  Alover of purist harmonic seances, he has a passion for nurturing harmonic skills.  Extra-terrestrial bone shuddering density in out-of-this-world harmonic perfection stands out.
AstroBear started his journey of DJing in 2019. He just listened to mixes of other DJs . . . until someone asked him to make a mix. He didn’t have any equipment or controller but accepted the challenge and bought a controller.
He started mixing using the same 2 tracks until he was happy with the outcome. This motivated him to start mixing different tracks. At first, he had no idea of what was to come as he created his own formula, which he in turn taught other DJs who now use it successfully. Once the penny dropped for mixing tracks, there was no turning back.
With the help of watching videos on YouTube, he would practice until he was pleased with the outcome.

He then began to focus on being a DJ at the same time as learning the importance of learning and understanding keys and the importance of not jumbling them up. The theory of music flowed naturally by ear.  From then, DJing became his obsession. His passion for Trance music, brought him to start his journey to being a DJ.

He was invited to be a guest DJ on an online radio show. Oncethe guest mix aired, within the next week, he landed his first show on the same radio station. This was the turning point for him. He went on to have weekly shows on other stations. Unfortunately, most of them no longer exist.

His passion for Trance music and its intriguing emotional flow has now become his life . . . he lives to listen to other DJ mixes and making his own. At the age of 58, he enjoysmaking mixes and broadcasting them on his own radio shows.He strives to make other Trance Lovers enjoy the euphoria of upbeat emotional journeys. He has proven that age is just a number, and that you should never hold back to make youremotional dreams come true.

His moto is: Give it your all, to the point of perfectionism. Avoid the judgemental crowd, follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

Live for your passion and what you love doing. Allow your heartfelt passion to drive you, oblivious to outside interference.

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    AstroBear - Trance Portal
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    AstroBear - Trance Portal
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    AstroBear - Trance Portal




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